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Kiotos Steel products are made of 100% Stainless Steel, this ensures the highest quality of Steel products available today. Cleaning your toys is easy with Kiotos Toycleaner.



This great device, manufactured in high-quality stainless steel, offers many fun scenarios for the bondage lover.

Pull the pen out of the Ice-Lock and carefully fill the hollow part with water until it starts to come just below the filling level hole, put the pen back and place the Ice-Lock upright in the freezer. The air cavity above the filling opening allows the water to expand as soon as it has turned to ice. Once completely frozen, this device is ready to use.

When the Ice-Lock is filled and frozen, it can take anywhere between 30 minutes op to 2 hours for the pen to release, depending on the room temperature. It's recommended to test the release time in your room before using it on a person. The O-rings on both ends of the Ice-Lock are perfect for attaching handcuffs etc. and the use of a padlock ensures that no escape is possible until the ice has melted.

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