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Venus Ben Wa Balls

Κωδικός για τηλεφωνική παραγγελία
Διαθέσιμο για αποστολή ή παραλαβή απο το κατάστημα
18,85 €

Venus Benwa Balls are two steel balls designed to strengthen the internal muscles of the vagina, and therefore also be used as an adjuvant element for Kegel exercises. Master Series Venus Benwa are two smooth and sensual spheres, ideally designed to keep the internal muscles of the vagina well exercised, tight and strong, even over time, more sensitive. Simultaneously with the strengthening of vaginal muscle tone, Le Benwa are able to stimulate and excite, in a discreet but effective way. The delicate internal movements, linked to the efforts necessary to tighten and hold them in place, make the spheres something unique and ambivalent, exciting, functional and transgressive. The simple and elegant design has been used for centuries, not only for women but also for men. These are the measurements: 1.9 cm in diameter. The versatile nature of the ball offers pleasure and benefits for every level of experience, from beginners to more experienced. Proportionally weighted and comfortable enough, Venus Benwa balls opens a door to the ancient secrets of pleasure. Master Series: it will be a prize or a punishment You decide!

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