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Silicone Tri-Snap CRING Thin

Κωδικός για τηλεφωνική παραγγελία
Διαθέσιμο για αποστολή ή παραλαβή απο το κατάστημα
9,62 €

This flexible soft to the touch silicone cockstrap from Kiotos X is silky smooth and made of high-quality silicone.

The cockstrap is adjustable and had various sizes with easy press-buttons ranging with an inner diameter of around 45 mm up to 65 mm.The cockstrap is 15mm wide and has a total length of 210 mm when not connected with the press-buttons.

Water-based lubricants can be used with the silicone cockstrap. Don’t forget to clean the toy after each use with a good quality toycleaner.

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