Black Tiger Xxtrem Poppers Leather Cleaner

Aποτελεσματικά καθαριστικά προϊόντα για δερμάτινα είδη, όπως ζώνες, μαστίγια και ιμάντες.Tα καλύτερα καθαριστικά για την περιποίηση των αξεσουάρ σας!
Κωδικός για τηλεφωνική παραγγελία
Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο για Αποστολή
Άμεσα Διαθέσιμο στο Φυσικό Κατάστημα
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Poppers With our SNFFR, contact-free contact with the aroma is now guaranteed thanks to our protected 3-hole system
what is screwed onto the aroma bottle/can takes sniffing to a new level.


the effect is amplified many times over
the inhalation system gets a grandiose kick from the circulation of the aroma many times over
No skin irritation or reddening of the nose
old aromas are reawakened by our SNFFR and are strong again as before
100% Made in Austria (not China or other cheap countries)

You can easily and easily twist them onto your respective bottles/cans (don't overtwist, that's not what they're made for) and they don't require any cleaning or care after the session, just twist them off and put them away. (You don't clean your coke lid either).

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