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Sensuva Handipop Strawberry massage gel has been formulated especially for incredible oral pleasure. It’s packed with ingredients to enhance partner play, including Horny Goat Weed and Tea Tree Oil.

This massage gel allows you to give him a slippery hand job with a delicious ending - it’s not intended for sex, but does add flavoured fun to your couples pleasure. The formulation is free from gluten, glycerine and parabens and the water based gel won’t irritate your skin. This massage gel comes in an easy to dispense squeeze bottle for play in the heat of the moment and is safe for use with your sex toys. This gel is made from food grade ingredients making it the ultimate edible accessory to pleasure. Strawberry flavour adds a sweet twist to your partner pleasure but this gel is also available in Apple and Cotton Candy. This massage gel makes every hand job an incredible experience that’s packed with pleasure for both of you.

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Όγκος (Μιλιλίτρα)125
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