Vibrating Inflatable Hot Seat


88,00 € Κανονική Τιμή 99,00 € - 11%
Inflatable hotseat.Anchored in the middle is a smooth plastic vibrator that allows you to slide a lifelike dillio over it.Turn the dial to find a speed for powerful vibrations. Inflates in a snap by the air-sealed valve.Features luv handles to allow you to explore new positions.The included dillios are realistic dildos that are specially designed to fit the hot seat.Includes: 6inch and 7inch dillio dildo, multispeed remote control, bodylotion, toycleaner.Batteries are not included.

  • Δόνηση:Ναι

  • Βάρος:1,286 kg

  • Brand:Pipedream

  • Υλικό:PVC

  • Μπαταρία:["AA"]

  • Πολλαπλές Ταχύτητες:Ναι

  • Τηλεχειριστήριο:Ναι

  • Φουσκώνει:Ναι

  • Μήκος:0 cm

  • Πλάτος:44.4 cm

  • Διάμετρος:5cm - 2inch

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