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Projecting your pleasure with the most accurate of trajectory, the large scale B-10 Warhead dildo was clearly created to penetrate intensely for instant stimulation. Extra thick and dramatically textured, this American Bombshell offering is a versatile, desire-annihilating dildo that fits well into a variety of playtime doings, provided you like to play hard! Cleverly constructed for toe-curling insertion, the wider tip is subtly tapered and relatively blunt, offering a point of entry that quickly widens via three identically sized ribs to the Warheads's largest point at the base of the head. It's quite hefty width-wise all the way down the straight shaft, providing lots of stretch and a very full feel. Adding to the experience, the B-10's big round base is good and wide, acting as a barrier against too-deep penetration- it's also concave, providing some sturdy suction for (limited) hands-free potential. Made from Doc Johnson's signature safe, phthalate free PVC, the Warhead is quite flexible in hand, easily maneuvering in and around the body's contours, but once in place, it's wonderfully sturdy for precision stimulation. Compatible with both water and silicone based lubricants.
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