Bodywand Power Plug In EU Wand Plus G Spot 8


Ανακαλύψτε ατελείωτες στιγμές απόλαυσης με το Bodywand Power Plug In EU Wand Plus G Spot 8. Σχεδιασμένο να προσφέρει ασύγκριτη διέγερση, αυτό το μοναδικό προϊόν απογειώνει την ικανοποίησή σας σε όλα τα επίπεδα. Με κομψό μωβ χρώμα και υψηλής ποιότητας υλικά, είναι το απόλυτο εργαλείο για αναζήτηση απόλαυσης, προσφέροντας ανεπανάληπτες στιγμές ηδονής.

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The Bodywand Plus G-spot 8 is the ultimate personal massager when it comes to internal pleasure. This toy is made from seamless silicone and is a hygienic option that is easily cleaned.

This G-spot wand has an ergonomic control dial with one touch mode control that allows you to switch between it’s 8 vibration modes easily. This toy has a purple finish that adds a touch of colour to your collection. It also has an extra long cord that measures 2.5 meters and the reinforced A/C plug ensures that you can always look forward to incredible pleasure. This wand is quiet enough for discreet play and can be used with a water based lubricant for enhanced pleasure.

**Please note: This vibrator has an EU plug but is also available as a UK plug option as a separate product.**

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