Tenga Regular Reusable Vacuum Cup Red OS

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The regular red Tenga Air-Tech vacuum cup offers the same intensity as the original Tenga vacuum cup, but has the added benefits of the Air-Tech range.

The Air-Tech vacuum range has been designed for a perfect suction and comes in three intensities. There red regular cup is the perfect middle ground. If you prefer a gentler feel, the white cup is the ideal pick. If you like a stronger sensation, the strong black cup if a keeper. The Air-Tech range is ultra easy to clean and maintain and we love the fact that it can be turned inside out for a good, hygienic clean. This vacuum cup features spiral detail to the inside that creates a great suction. The cups measure 15cm in insertable depth and 4.5cm in width. They’re perfect for average sizes and the reusable design makes them a favourite for regular fun.

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