Real Dolls Real Doll Nicole Flesh 168cm

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Flexible joints throughout the body that lets you explore all different positions. Content: 1 vibrating egg with a built-in speaker, 1 wig, 1 set of lingerie (unique for each doll), 1 blanket, 1 USB heating wand, 1 plastic cleaning tool, 1 pair of stockings and 1 pair of gloves. Please note that the lingerie included in the box differs from doll to doll. They do not always match the lingerie shown in the pictures. The reason for this is that we only include lingerie that do not stain the dolls soft and lifelike material. Do not dress your doll in dark fabric since it can leave colour stains on the dolls skin. Clean the doll using luke warm water and a gentle sex toy cleaning spray or foam. Do not use soap or strong chemicals since they can ruin the material. After the doll has been cleaned and dried, please use a talcum powder to protect the material from dust and to keep the lifelike skin feel. Always store your doll laying down in a clean, dry and cool place. Do not leave any joints bent during storage. The joints should only be bent for a maximum of 30 minutes at a time to minimize the risk of tearing the dolls skin. Always store your doll without lingerie on to avoid stains on the material that may occur if it comes in contact with certain fabrics for a longer period of time. Store the doll so that it does not touch other sex dolls or sex toys to minimize the risk of ruining the material.
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