Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 Grey OS

219,90 €

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The Bathmate Hydroxtreme7 penis pump set is packed with goodies and gadgets to give him a longer length and a bigger girth. This penis enlargement set features a Bellows Pump system for fast results. It has a soft seal and the full support comfort ring reduces pressure for a better fit around the base and testicles. This penis set also features a latch valve system. This is designed to allow single hand filling in the shower. The penis pump also features textured detail on the vacuum tube. This gives you better grip for a more controlled experience. This set also includes a measuring gauge, a handball pump, a comfort insert pad, a security lock and a hose attachment. This set is an all-inclusive journey to a better erection, a healthier penis, prolonged play and more partner pleasure.

Updated version of code: HM30XCC

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