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Kinx Sensual Kisses Nipple Pump in Pink

Κωδικός για τηλεφωνική παραγγελία
Διαθέσιμο για αποστολή ή παραλαβή απο το κατάστημα
Νέα τιμή 17,46 € Κανονική Τιμή 20,00 €
The Kinx Sensual Kisses vibrating nipple pump stimulates with vibrations while making your nipples more sensitive through firm, stimulating suction. This pump has a single motor and multiple vibrations that are strong and steady. It attaches to your skin easily with a simple squeeze of the soft pneumatic pump action bulb. This pump has an easy On / Off twist base that allows you to turn it on and off effortlessly. It measures just 9.25cm in length with a bulb girth of 11cm. This pump simply attaches to the nipple, where it creates a plumper, more sensitive surface area. This in turn makes every touch from your lover stronger and more stimulating. The Sensual Kisses nipple pump uses vibrations to make every experience more exciting as it buzzes you on to ecstasy. It’s free from latex and phthalates and can be used during foreplay to intensity any pleasure that follows!
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