Power Penis enlargement pump

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Power Penis enlargement pump

Power Penis enlargement pump for real men. Build your Cock and make women beg you for some more!
Your little "friend" is the only one who has been following you since day one and it will curry on till the end of your days. It is the only thing that has always pleased you, taking good care of your sexual happiness. Time to invest on it, dont you think?

Penis enlargement developing
Penis developing is similar to muscle developing. Users have to work out 5 days a week. Work you cock out, five days a week, 10 minutes every day and in few months( after the third month an upwards) seen their manhood getting bigger, stronger and wilder.

What do we consider as Penis work out?
Masturbation, sex intercourse with a partner or penis pumping is considered to be "Penis work outs". If one day you masturbate then don’t use the pump because you have already worked out. The same applies if you have sex with your partner.

Suggestion/ Advice
For faster, quicker results, use additionally the Penis XL Cream and Penis XL Tablets. It is also advicable to use a good quality water based Lubricant.

Penis Pump description
High quality 23 cm clear plastic tube with a quick air pressure release valve. Removable air tube for easy cleaning. Sure grip bulb with metal air valve for faster penis growth and long fabulous erections that last. Removable soft cock ring base can be trimmed to fit your penis as it grows in width and length.

Who can use this Penis developer?

  • Men with small penis, who wish to invest in their manhood and make women, beg for more!
  • Men who face erection issues because of Prostate removal or injuries.
  • Men with Prostate or injury issues

Men with Prostate or injury problems can now improve their lives quality with this pump. Simply insert your soft cock in the tube. Then Pump it up till it becomes big and hard. Ones you are hard enough, and then put on an Elastic Cock ring so to keep the erection last as long as possible. This is how men with prostate problems can improve their sexual lives.

Product characteristics

  • Gender- Male Penis penis enlargement pump
  • Color- Black with clear tube
  • Material- Non toxic PVC
  • Penis tube opening diameter- 5.5 cm
  • Penis tube Length Total- 23 cm
  • Length Shaft- 20 cm
  • Bodysafe- Yes
  • Waterproof

Manufacturer- ToyJoy sex toys

Power Penis enlargement pump

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