Pads - Breast Enhancers

Pads - Breast Enhancers
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Invisible Bra Strips

Invisible Bra Strips Skin coloured adhesive strips bring and hold the bust in top shape! Perfect for outfits with a plunging back and/or a low neckline! 3 pair Manufacturer:  Cottelli Collection..

Ex Tax: 6.45€

Silicone Breast Enhancer

Silicone Breast Enhancer 2 anatomically shaped silicone pads: your breasts will appear 1-2 cups bigger than before. Each one is stored inside a box. Color: Skin-toned Manufacturer:  Cottelli Collection..

Ex Tax: 25.00€

Silicone insert Breast Enhancer and support

A pair of silicone made, under the Bra, Inserts that will immediatly enlarge the boobs on size bigger straight away. For an exciting plunging neckline, this astonishing item is absolutely perfect for anybody requiring a little bit extra. 100% silicone, non toxic and Phthalate free makes it com..

Ex Tax: 19.35€

Silicone Push-Up Pads

Cottelli Silicone Push-Up Pads Enlarge your boobs by 1 to 2 cup sizes with this smooth silicone push-up pads. You can put it discreetly in your bra. Color: Skin colored 1 pair Manufacturer: Cottelli Lingerie Collection..

Ex Tax: 23.39€

Επιθέματα στήθους Super Busen

Επιθέματα στήθους Super Busen από σιλικόνη για μεγαλύτερο στήθος..

Ex Tax: 40.99€

Μαξιλαράκια σιλικόνης

Επιθέματα στήθους από σιλικόνη..

Ex Tax: 31.48€

Μαξιλάρια Push up

Μαξιλάρια Push up που κάνουν το μπούστο να δείχνει πιο πλούσιο και ακόμα πιο σέξι!..

Ex Tax: 14.17€