St. Andrews Cross

Rotatable neck, hand and ankle cuffs included. Comes in storage bag. Scoop cross with swivel leather cuffs made of soft padded nappa leather.

Height variable from about 135 cm to about 225 cm. Tension variable (at maximum extended length) on hands and feet from approx. 60 cm to 100 cm.
Collar (about 46 cm long / about 8 cm wide)
Handcuff (about 26 cm long / about 8 cm wide)
Ankle strap (about 30cm long / about 8cm wide).

The Andrew Cross is multifunctional.
It can be used on the bed, floor or even on the wall.
It works like a classic Andrew Cross with the difference that it is better.
It weighs under 10kg, Including very high-quality restraints that turn, incl. A rod for the neck can be adjusted arbitrarily, which allows the small as well as large persons to play with it.
the shackles are very well placed and can be easily worn for a long time by women as well as men.

And another very important point is that it is portable, you can pull it out or put it together and use it everywhere you go. Comes in a storage bag so you can easily transport it (for parties, hotel visits ...).
The article is also very stable.

St. Andrews Cross

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