Silicone Body Lube 250ml

Cobeco Bodylube is a silicone-based lubricant with a unique gliding texture especially for long-lasting enjoyment.

Cobeco Bodylube Silicone based Lube is a super soft, long lasting formula, specially developed for erotic massages, sexual intercourse and for use combined with latex condoms. This lubricant is thicker in texture thanks to the silicone-based formula and does not quickly get adsorbed into the skin, creating a long-lasting gliding. The silk and soft friction on the body creates more stimulation.
A unique, fantastic, erotic sensual sensation!
Silicone lubricants are ideal for

  • Anal sex- so smooth that can make anal penetration a sensual, less painfull, sensation.
  • For ladies with hormonic issues. Silicone lubrication can restore the wetness into the vagina.
  • soothing sensations during masturbation and foreplay
  • Massage. Yes, your can apply few drops into your palms and massage your partner endlessly.

Ingredients: Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol

Key Features

  • Super Soft for the skin
  • Silicone-based, non-sticky formula is long-lasting, even under water
  • Ergonomic pump bottle makes dispensing clean and easy
  • A perfect alternative to oil for sensual massages, non-sticky and extra-long lasting
  • Condom friendly- Latex safe
  • Travel-friendly size makes transporting straightforward
  • Washes off easily and doesn't stain

How does the product work?

Apply a desired amount onto the selected body parts, especially on the intimate erotic areas. The gel-like silicone-based formula gives this product a light and easy spreadable texture, which is neutral to the skin.
The lubricant creates a soft and comfortable feeling during use when applied on the skin. The lubricant does not get absorbed into the skin like water-based lubricants, thus there is less of this lubricant needed for a continuous pleasant friction compared with a water-based formula. Can be easily washed off after use.
Attention- Please do not use with any type of Silicone made sex toys, since silicone lubricants can damage silicone sex toys.


Silicone Body Lube 250ml

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