Εjaculation Retardant

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ABS Gum Yak Dai Wan Spray No Colour OS

Gum Yak Dai Wan Spray is a quick and easy delay spray created for men that suffer from premature ejaculation. This spray can be used an hour before you play, and is simply sprayed onto the bottom of the penis head before you play. This delay spray comes in a handy travel-sized bottle and is great fo..

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ABS Pau Yuen Tong Old Chinese Delay Balm Transparent OS

Pau Yuen Tong Old Chinese Balm. Pau Yuen Tong, Old Chinese Balm - Pau Yuen Tong. An ancient Chinese balm, that when applied to the head of the penis will enable you to just keep going and going. Once applied allow ten minutes before contact. I know this one works so give it a try!!..

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Bathmate Control Prolonger Black 7ml

Bathmate Control Prolonger gel gives you more pleasure when you need it most as it extends pleasure by delaying orgasm. This prolonger gel is easily applied, and can be applied long before play to work when you need it to. This gel is formulated from natural ingredients only and increases sexual bui..

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China Brush Delay Lotion No Colour 2.6ml

China Brush Delay Lotion 2.6ml.China Brush or Kwang Tze Solution or China brush oil or Chinese brush oil is a very effective external ejaculation delay solution. Usage and Dosage: (External application only)Apply a thin layer of this solution. one-two hours before . After applying for 30 mins, it ca..

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Delay Cream - performance -10%

Delay Cream - performance

Delay Cream, by Cobeco Pharma BV,  that fights Mens number one enemy - Premature ejaculation. Cobeco Delay Cream is a refreshing cream based on a unique formula, which delays ejaculation and helps men to prolong sexual pleasure and enjoyment. Cobeco Delay Cream has a light numbing effect on t..

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Delay Spray 15ml -8%

Delay Spray 15ml

"Delay Spray 15ml"..

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Dragon Spray 6000 Delay Spray No Colour 12ml

Πάρτε την διάρκεια των ερωτικών παιχνιδιών σας στα χέρια σας με την χρήση αυτού του σπρέι επιβράδυνσης εκσπερμάτωσης! Ψεκάστε 5 λεπτά πριν το ξεκίνημα των παιχνιδιών και δείτε να αυξάνετε η διάρκεια σας αποτελεσματικά και ικανοποιηθείτε όσο και εσείς χωρίς τον φόβο της γρήγορης εκσπερμάτωσης, αλλά κ..

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Dragon Spray Super Dooz 34000 Spray No Colour 45ml

From the makers of Super Dragon 6000 the new Super DOOZ 34000 spray.Their first spray with Vitamin E to nourish and activate the cells containing natural Vitamin E which is easily absorbed through local application. Especially  formulated to reduce over sensitivity and pro-long sexual pleas..

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Hot Prorino Long Power Delay Cream 50ml

Hot Prorino Long Power Delay Cream 50ml..

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Hot Prorino Long Power Delay Spray 15ml

Hot Prorino Long Power Delay Spray 15ml..

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Linx Alpha Delay Gel Transparent 50ml

Linx Alpha Delay Gel allows him to play for longer, delaying ejaculation and inviting him to extend his partner play for a more powerful shared session. This lubricant has a gentle anaesthetic effect that delays ejaculation, giving him more time to pleasure his partner and enjoy play for longer last..

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Mendurance Supplement for Men Blue 2 Pack

Mendurance is your wingman when you just need a little extra oomph. Designed for more fun, it's your little secret that packs a big punch! Mendurance food supplement is a caffeine based stimulant with added active ingredients to give you an extra boost, including Gelatin, L-Arginine Monochloride, Gi..

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Pipedream Rock Hard Power Cream Odourless And Tasteless White 15ml

Rock Hard Power Cream. When you wanna ROCK all gotta use something special. Rock Hard Power Cream will give you the staying power to satisfy your partner's every need and keep you both rockin' till morning!..

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Rhino Long Power Cream 30ml

Absolutely excellent delay cream for HIM! Can be preventative and effective against premature ejaculation. More pleasure 100% success More sexual endurance Prolongs love play30 mlIngredients: aqua (water), cetearyl isononanoate, cetearyl alcohol, cetyl palmitate, glycerin, ceteareth-20, dimethic..

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Stud Delay Spray 15ml

Stud delay Spray. Spray it on your penis and you can enjoy sex even longer!Ingredients: aqua, glycerin, laureth-9, caprylyl glycol, polysorbate 20, alcohol denat., alcohol, hypericum perforatum flower extract, avena sativa kernel extract, menthyl lactate..

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V-XL Desensitiser Spray Delay 100 No Colour 20ml

V-XL Desensitiser Spray Delay 100 No Colour 20ml..

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Επιβραδυντικό Σπρέι TAURO Out Of Stock

Επιβραδυντικό Σπρέι TAURO

Το Difresh Tauro Το Difresh Tauro είναι ένα φυσικό σπρέι ταχείας δράσης για άνδρες που επιβραδύνει την εκσπερμάτωση..

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