Perfumes for women

Perfumes for women

Erotic Perfumes for Women


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Pearl Women Parfum 100ml

Pearl Eau de Parfum for Women is an exclusive and sensual scent, inspired by the natural effect of pheromones. For an irresistible temptation ... This unique Eau de Parfum consists of a balanced combination of exclusive ingredients that have the same effect as pheromones. The sensual scent stimulate..

Ex Tax: 35.20€

Pherofem Eau De Parfum 15ml

Erotic eau de parfum to seduce. For external use only.15 ml..

Ex Tax: 13.00€

Άρωμα Natural Spray Woman 10ml

Άρωμα με φερομόνη Natural Spray Woman σε μπουκαλάκι των 10ml..

Ex Tax: 10.72€

Άρωμα Natural Spray Woman 5ml

Άρωμα με φερομόνη Natural Spray Woman σε μπουκαλάκι των 5ml..

Ex Tax: 7.33€
Female Pheromones Out Of Stock

Female Pheromones

Female Pheromones for horny LadiesPheromones for women that looking to seduce and stimulate sexually other women. Ideal for single lesbian ladies and looking for a new partner.Wear it and go out clubbing. Any lady standing around you, in a radious of  3 meters, can sexually feel instant..

Ex Tax: 13.90€