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12 Inch Jr. Double Dong -10%

12 Inch Jr. Double Dong

Doc Johnson's 10" Crystal Jellies Classic is a soft and flexible variation of the original dong that started it all. This cock has the traditional thickness and veiny texture we all know and love, plus a flexible shaft and glistening color options! Available in Pink, Clear and Purple. All of our Cry..

27.55€ 24.90€
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ALI & MATT 27 x 8.5cm -30%

ALI & MATT 27 x 8.5cm

Ali & Matt is a double dildo from HardToys brand that simulates a double penetration. The sensations are intense.The insertable length is 22cm. The width is 8.5cm.It is equipped with a suction cup for easier use.Made in France from phthalate-free vinyl material..

99.00€ 69.00€
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American Bombshell B7 Tango Butt Plug Grey OS

The triple ripple design of the B-7 Tango is sure to provide a fantastic experience. The flat base keeps it steady while the rounded tip offers easy entry. With an insertable length of 6.5” and a girth of 6.91”, the B-7 Tango promises to be big fun!..

Ex Tax: 26.90€
B-10 Missile -20%
B-10 Torpedo -15%

B-10 Torpedo

Shaped into a namesake likeness that was created to penetrate smoothly and pleasurably, the big, extra thick B-10 Torpedo from the American Bombshell collection is a versatile, desire-annihilating dildo that fits well into a variety of playtime doings.This hefty stylized dildo was cleverly constru..

65.00€ 55.00€
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B-10 Warhead

Projecting your pleasure with the most accurate of trajectory, the large scale B-10 Warhead dildo was clearly created to penetrate intensely for instant stimulation. Extra thick and dramatically textured, this American Bombshell offering is a versatile, desire-annihilating dildo that fits well into ..

Ex Tax: 47.90€


The Ballistic packs a serious wallop! This magnificent 10.5 dong has a heavily veined shaft, bulbous head and thick, weighty balls. Every aspect of this enormous dong has been built for serious pleasure. The Ballistic features a suction cup base that allows you to secure it to almost any smooth, fla..

Ex Tax: 77.00€

Basix Basix 12 In. Dong With Suction Cup Black 12in

Pipedream has put a new twist on a classic product to bring you the best possible rubber made in the USA. Our American made rubber is 100 percent phthalates and latex free, environmentally safe and hypoallergenic...

Ex Tax: 48.50€
BEAR 32 x 10 cm -23%

BEAR 32 x 10 cm

This Bear dildo from ANIMHOLE is a 32cm insertable sextoy that allows you to go far.It gives incredible sensations thanks to the progressive width which goes from 7.5 to 10cm.The shape takes the sex of a horse.It is made of Vinyl.It does not contain phthalate..

155.00€ 119.00€
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Big Boy 12 Inch

"Boy Oh Boy, I think I have a new favorite toy" You too can experience the satisfied smile and look of content. This extra-girthy dong features a life-like penis-shape with attractive sculptured veins and it sports a comfortable base to hold. It’s everything you need and lots more. More inches than ..

Ex Tax: 44.00€
BOBBY 25 x 5.9 cm -15%

BOBBY 25 x 5.9 cm

This Bobby dildo is an excellent sextoy that has a realistic shape because: with a glans covered with the foreskin, it gives even more excitement; a veined length for intense sensations during insertion; a base to handle the dildo efficiently.Length 25cmWidth: 5.7cm on the glans and then between 5.3..

67.00€ 57.00€
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The long dildo BONGARE is a sextoy of the brand ANALCONDA.It is made of a flexible material that is easy to use and has the ideal flexibility to touch deep anal areas.The insertable length is 44cm.The diameter is 3.2cm.Get carried away in the most intense sensations by exploring the depths of the co..

80.00€ 60.00€
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BT04 34 x 8.8 cm -20%

BT04 34 x 8.8 cm

The BT04 dildo is a sextoy of the brand HardToys. It is composed: with a straight shape that can be plugged in 34 cm and a maximum thickness of 8.8 cm. The largest part of the dildo is 8.5 cm wide. a bulky circumcised glans for the challenge of insertion from the beginning...Made of vinyl..

168.00€ 135.00€
Ex Tax: 135.00€
BUBBLE 25 x 12 cm -23%

BUBBLE 25 x 12 cm

The BUBBLE dildo is a sextoy for people who love thrills.The 25cm insertion length and the incredible 12cm width are ideal for extreme sex moments...The surface of the dildo is dotted with thick bubbles that stimulate the anal walls even more.It is made of high quality phthalate-free vinyl material..

112.00€ 86.00€
Ex Tax: 86.00€
BUMP & GRIND 28 x 12 cm -19%

BUMP & GRIND 28 x 12 cm

This Bump & Grind dildo is a large size sextoy made with an original shape composed of "bubbles" on the whole surface that stimulate the anal walls even more.It is manufactured with a base that allows it to be placed on the floor and to facilitate its use.It measures 28cm high and the width is 12cm..

179.00€ 145.00€
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CHAMPAGNE 28 x 11 cm -21%

CHAMPAGNE 28 x 11 cm

This dildo is in the shape of a champagne bottle.It measures 28cm high and its width ranges from 2.8 to 11cm.It is ideal for amusing and fun sex moments.Made of high quality phthalate-free vinyl material and manufactured in France..

77.00€ 61.00€
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Classic Dong 10 Inch -17%

Classic Dong 10 Inch

"Classic Dong 10 Inch"..

30.00€ 25.00€
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COBRA SPITTING - 80 x 3.8 cm -29%

COBRA SPITTING - 80 x 3.8 cm

The COBRA SPITTING from ANALCONDA is an 80cm long dildo with a central hole. It allows use in the shower and brings water to the deepest part of the colon....The width is 3.8cm.It is ideal for hard and naughty sex moments.Made in France. High quality phthalate-free vinyl material, no oozing..

125.00€ 89.00€
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Cock 10 Inch With Balls

TOYJOY Get Real Cock 10inch with Balls Black The Get Real is a sensational life-like dildo, designed to hit all your intimate hotspots. The dildo is a realistic flesh-tone color and is molded on the real deal: giving you the most realistic experience possible! The design features carefully crafted ..

Ex Tax: 35.00€
COLIN 32 x 7 cm -20%

COLIN 32 x 7 cm

The COLIN dildo from HardToys is a wonderful 32cm long sextoy.The width is 7cm. The shape is straight and 2 thick rings come to position themselves to increase the sensations during their passages.Ideal for intense sensations.It is made of phthalate-free vinyl..

107.00€ 86.00€
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Dark Crystal Black - 04 -10%

Dark Crystal Black - 04

Tim Long and thin Black Dildo with balls 37cm - Meet Tim, a black Belgium boy. His cock is long but very thin, soft and slippery. He adores fisting and fucking both boys and girls! He loves tight holes! Meet the new Dark Crystal collection at our store! Products were named after all the Mister Bs e..

65.00€ 58.50€
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Dark Crystal Black - 06 -15%

Dark Crystal Black - 06

Meet the new Dark Crystal collection at our store! Products were named after all the Mister Bs employees.If you are curious you can check our pictures on the website! This new collection is made out of Premium High Quality Vinyl, with no phthalates added, only softeners to make the blend suitable fo..

87.00€ 74.00€
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Dark Crystal Black - 22 -20%

Dark Crystal Black - 22

This Dark Crystal dildo is a good size black dildo with a nice jerk, balls with structure and a extra bumpy and bended shank. This toy is wonderful to spoil yourself or your partner. Lubricants based on both water and silicone can be used herein. It is important to clean the dildo thoroughly after u..

56.00€ 44.70€
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Dark Crystal Black - 29 -15%

Dark Crystal Black - 29

This Dark Crystal Dildo is a sterdy black smooth dildo with a beautiful jerk and nice balls. This toy looks a lot like a real penis and perfect to spoil yourself or your partner with. Lubricants based on both water and silicone can be used herein. It is important to clean the dildo thoroughly after ..

68.00€ 58.00€
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